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‪Roadsafetyweek‬ awareness for the citizen..Follow rules live a long life.. Kolkata Police

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Kolkata Police Blood Donation Camp At Ekbalpore Police Station.

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Special Puja-drive snpashots against the reckless two-wheelers in Kolkata

Here are a few snapshots of our special Puja-drive against the reckless two-wheelers in the city which many have been complaining about. About 450 bikes have so far been seized by Kolkata Traffic Police and deposited at different police stations during our special raids over the last 72 hours .Please be informed that it's not just about a routine prosecution for not wearing helmets/ triple-riding /dangerous driving; along with all these, this year, we have been seizing the two-wheelers u/s 207 MV Act too for not having requisite documents while driving. While there is no denying that reckless biking has been a cause for serious concern over the last few days, would request the esteemed members to kindly consider that managing the crowd and/ or vehicle circulation for 6 days 24×7 is in itself such a humongous task that exclusive priority to curbing the bike-menace cannot always be accorded keeping in mind the festive mood of the city and possible law and order implications, more so when the bikers are in thousands. This is, however, not to undermine in any way the safety issues and the need to have a crackdown. Such crackdowns have been launched at some strategic junctions with dedicated raid-teams. To humbly reiterate, this is the first time that seizures of bikes are being made in large numbers along with prosecutions and it would take atleast 10 days for the offenders to get the bikes back after complying with lawful formalities. We hope they will think twice before embarking on similar misadventures next time. Admittedly, the hundreds of seizures and thousands of prosecutions may actually be a small percentage of the number of violations, but a stern beginning towards a deterrence has been made with police stations overflowing with seized bikes like never before. The impact hopefully will be felt during the next Pujas. But enforcement, however intensive, is not the solution. Awareness is. The tendency of reckless driving during festive times among youngsters is understandable, but what about people in thousands driving dangerously and without helmets with family including ladies and kids? We are letting families with small kids off during our raids on humane grounds; but the question of basic awareness among the masses remains unanswered. Dear members, we are not turning a blind eye to the bike-menace; we are making an honest effort within the given circumstances to strike a deterrence without causing any law and order disruptions during the biggest festival of Bengal. We welcome your criticism as always.
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